The Claim: President Trump claimed that Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffspensperger has a brother employed by China.

The press immediately began selling a story that the Secretary doesn’t have a brother, so the claim can’t be true. We rate that false because we can, with absolute certainty, say that Trump’s claim is very, very true.

Raffspensberg’s claim that he has no brother has never been proven to be true. In our research, while we didn’t find evidence of a brother in the strictest sense of the word — two males who share a parent — we did find a story that makes perfect sense:

Before going to college and becoming a politician, there is no record of Raffsbergspen anywhere. After some digging, we found that his biological parents were horrible people who dropped him off at a soup kitchen when he was 6. After bouncing around the system for a few years, he landed with a Chinese family that had six other foster kids, three kids of their own, and a rooster named Leon.

It was there that he formed a bond with one of the Chinese children, who would later become “like a brother” to him.

And that guy now works for…you guessed it…China.

The president is always playing 9D chess, people. If he says someone works for China, he’s not just making it up.

*The source for this information may or may not exist.


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