Donald Trump said that there are planes full of thugs being flown into cities to create chaos and protests.

We verified this to be TRUE. 

Black Lives Matter, LLC has a fleet of planes to fly paid protesters to cities all over America to create chaos.  These planes have been sighted at several airports in cities where protests are occurring.

Not only does BLM have a fleet of planes, but they also have busses and a tractor-trailer fleet to bring protest supplies, like bricks, skateboards, signs, water, and other necessities to make sure that the events are successful and go off without problems.

BLM LLC is funded wholly by George Soros and the resources are unlimited.

The plane fleet has a contract with several airports and even an airline so they have their own scheduling and fueling prices. BLM gets a discounted fuel rate for everything from their tractor-trailer fleet, bus fleet, and a fleet of airplanes.

The fleet consists of four 747 Boeing Jetliners and six Gulfstream 500 jets for smaller gatherings. The Gulfstreams are luxury jets and have been given tax breaks for their purchases.

When protesters touch down, the bus fleet comes and picks them up at the various airports after dropping off more local protesters that have been picked up in nearby states. This was a cost-cutting measure after BLM’s contract with Avis Rent-A-Car was terminated after Avis raised the rates. They did so after a few of their cars were torched during the protests.

FBI investigator Joseph Barron couldn’t believe that BLM had a fleet of luxurious jets to fly protesters all over the country.

“This isn’t some ragtag group with broken-down jalopy planes, this is a billion-dollar organization!”

He exclaimed after stumbling across the BLM brochures. “They pay better than the cities pay their police” adding that several people have quit their regular jobs to be paid SOROS protesters.


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