When Trump signed an executive order in 2018 to protect our elections from foreign interference, he probably had no idea he’d be setting himself up to re-take the presidency in 2021 — election or no election. Or maybe he did.

As one YouTube researcher found out, Trump’s EO actually declared a state of emergency surrounding our elections and therefore makes their outcome the ultimate decision of the Commander in Chief — Donald Trump.

After doing our own research, we have determined that this claim is true. Trump can order himself another four years and sign on the dotted line for another term after that.

While our research led us to this conclusion, not everyone shares our enthusiasm about Trump just declaring himself president a couple more times.

As it turns out, an executive order isn’t a law or a commandment or anything other than a management memo, so no…Trump can’t suspend the government, habeas corpus, the electoral process, and so on, because he’s the president.

In fact, attempting to subvert the election is more likely to be considered sedition and treason by historians. Some will say that only morons were still following and reading about how Trump will win this far into the transition cycle.

None of that matters, though. We still have a good 5 weeks of Trump flag-waving, and we intend to use it. After that, we’ll probably go home and make a Hot Pocket, but you never know.


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