The Claim : Due in part to publicity generated by internet pages such as “America’s Last Line of Defense” and photos shared on Instagram and what have you, it has been supposed that actress Alyssa Milano donned “blackface” makeup for a gig on the website “Funny Or Die.”

We here at Freedom Fictions have exhaustively researched this claim, inside and out, with a fine -tooth magnifying glass, and have discovered that it is 100% :

Well, except that the makeup was tanning cream, as Milano was playing the part of Jersey Shore’s “Snooky” character, and her appearance was a huge part of the joke.  While it was not technically “blackface”, I think you see where this is going.

Joe Barron a random name often inserted into these stories, insisted on instructing readers how to watch “The Last of Us” for free.

“So you go to  There’s a list of everything they have, and when you find it, click on it.  Then click on the link.  Open it in a new tab if you have to.  Now click on the triangle to play, and close the pop-up window.  Then see those three dots in the bottom right corner?  Click on them.  One says “cast”.  Click it and click the name of your TV.  Now sit back and watch.  You’re welcome.”

Do you support Alyssa Milano?  We don’t really care.  This is a satire page after all.  Enjoy your day.


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