A reputable website is reporting that recruiting stations across the country have seen an influx of Trump supporters looking to enlist to fight the inevitable war against Iran. But are the reports true?

As far as we can tell, yes. It is true. One only needs to look at the comments on the original article to see that Trump supporters of all ages are out in force, applauding these youngsters for their heroic actions. Other than the more than 500 comments stating, “I hope this is true,” there are hundreds more who have said that they’re sure it’s true.

Based on that and the fact that we believe that young Trump supporters represent the greatest hope for our country, we find that this story is as accurate as all of the stories on the site, which tends to be a place Trump supporters can gather and agree on current events.

We tried to contact some local recruiters ourselves but got no response, probably because they’re all so busy signing patriots up for service.

This is just another example of how true leadership will make America great again, despite the best efforts of liberals who want their dumb ideas like world peace and a clean environment to be more important than destroying our enemies and being number one. They all have a very rude awakening coming.

Thank you, young men and women of the Trump Legion, for your unwavering support and willingness to see through all the liberal hate to serve the country you love.



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