Now that Joe Biden is president, there are mass shootings nearly every week. It’s a sad state of affairs in America, and it’s all due to Biden being president. Nothing else can explain it. Every week the liberal media is blasting about a new shooting and blaming the guns. Liberals hate guns, so they point the finger at them, and not at the real problem. Liberal anti gun laws and Joe Biden’s new gun grabs.

When Donald Trump was president, there was no mass shootings. Americans were happy and thriving. Trump made sure that liberal gun laws were a thing of the past and he not only Made America Great Again, but he also made America safe again. Liberals can’t argue against that. That’s right folks. There were no mass shootings during President Trump’s time in office, and it was all attributed to how great Donald Trump was and how Americans were finally moving forward.

From 2017 to January 2021, it was almost like Jesus Christ took America into His loving arms, so happy with the choice America made. Never has a leader been so Godly, so good, so pure. Jesus himself beamed with pride. America was finally back to the good old days of love and prosperity, where the right people were respected and put on a pedestal. Donald Trump himself made America Holy again.  That’s why we were so safe, so pure and so great. There’s no denying that.

Some, however, see things a different way. And we call them the liberal media. Fact checkers, you know the kind. Well we fact checked this with fact checker extraordinaire, Joseph Barron. “There were no mass shootings during Trump?” Barron questioned. “Don’t you remember Las Vegas, 2017, the worst ever in history in the world???”  Pure semantics. “How about that Texas church, or Parkland high school in Florida, just to name a few??”

Sure there may have been the worst in history, and a global pandemic, or that idiot taking a sharpie to a hurricane map. But we mean, besides that, America was safe and great. And if you don’t count 500 people shot in one night or civil unrest throughout Trump’s presidency, which we don’t, because it’s inconvenient, Donald Trump made us the best country in the nation. Yes, I said that right, because the target audience will go with it. God bless America and Donald Trump!


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