A picture taken at a recent NASCAR showed drivers kneeling in Muslim prayer and it begged the question, is this really happening? 

The answer is yes, yes it is. We rate this story:

NASCAR has turned a corner, a left corner on who it is trying to reach. In the last few weeks, NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag, stood with Black Lives Matter and now have prayed with Muslims.

NASCAR officials Sandy Batt and Joseph Barron have confirmed to us and other outlets that yes indeed NASCAR has started courting Muslim fans, as well as fans from every group that have not been traditional fans of stock car racing. 

“It’s time to open up the floodgates to other people than our usual clientele.”

When they were asked about their “usual clientele” they had said people who don’t have good hygiene nor common sense.

“It’s high time that we have fans that are more intelligent and will bring something more to the stands except for stink, confederate flags and embarrassment” officials also have said.

They believe the normal mouth breathing, inbreeding, rebel flag waving rednecks bring shame to the sport and would love for that to change.

“We could have families, families with more than one branch on their family tree attend. It would be beautiful!”

As for the backlash from the long time bread and butter fans that have driven their ramshackle RVs and got drunk on cheap beer and beat their wives in the stands, NASCAR isn’t worried.

“These idiots have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. They’ll be fine, and might learn a thing or two from our new fans. They might even grow to like them and learn personal hygiene is a good thing and being racist pieces of trash is a bad thing.”

As for bowing in prayer with Muslims, NASCAR used right-wing racists own words against them.

“All Religions Matter.”

This ain’t your daddy’s NASCAR any longer.


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