The Claim: Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline upon taking office, which lead to the severe gas crisis of three dollar and fifteen cents a gallon gas that we’re slogging though today.  With another pipeline, the gas would otherwise be flowing like MSG in Woody Harrelson’s synapses.

We at Freedom Fictions looked into this claim by sending Sandy Batt, our gasoline reporter and expert Tae Kwan Do sparrer to the computer room.  She and we, determined that everything about this idea is completely :

The aforementioned pipeline has been a bobbing apple in a sea of Presidents since the early nineties.  It was cancelled, then approved, then cancelled again, and then Trump decided to pursue it and then cancelled again.

The point is, the line was never even actually all the way built, which led to Biden destroying zero jobs.  Also, gas has gone up world-wide thanks to closing down the planet for the deadly Trump plague, and now coming back again.

Were the pipeline in place now, gas would be exactly the same, and a country full of privileged old boomers and uneducated morons would still be unhappy and blame Biden some other way.  Perhaps his witchcraft rituals did it.  Who knows with these people.

“I’m telling you, Kamala Harris is a robot. Her exhaust fan is in her ass.”

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