The liberal mainstream media has never reported on Nancy Pelosi’s drinking. They have gone so far as to deny that she drinks alcohol at all. Speaker Pelosi herself claims to never drink.

Yet, America’s Last Line of Defense Network has published literally hundreds of articles about her drunken escapades?

So, who are we to believe? Networks with journalists who have dedicated their lives to bringing the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, to light?

Or a bunch of liberal trolls who make things up to rile up the conservatives by stoking the flames of their confirmation bias on various websites and Facebook pages that are clearly labeled as satire?

The President himself has called CNN and MSNBC “fake news,” therefore, by technicality, the claim that Nancy Pelosi is a raging alcoholic must be:


As we all know, Donald Trump is the most honest, transparent, and trustworthy President in the history of the United States so if he says that the liberal media is fake news and a bunch of liars then they are fake news and a bunch of liars.

And if the liberal media says that Nancy Pelosi is not an alcoholic who shows up to work most of the time drunk then it means that she is an alcoholic that shows up to work drunk.

In her time as Speaker, Pelosi had a flight diverted because of a drunken outburst, built a bar inside of the Lincoln Memorial’s former gift shop, called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez her favorite bartender, and was threatened with arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct for threatening Republican Congressman Joe Barron last month.

She got away with all of it because she’s a Democrat.  If Democrats held their own to the same standards as Republicans, Pelosi would never have even been in office because of her family history of racism and direct connections to the original Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Disgusting, but then what do you expect from the denizens of the capital of Libtardia?


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