The Claim: Unemployment is well under 5 percent. The country is at full employment.

Claimed by: Liberals, the Biden Administration

We rate this claim: False

We know, patriots. We shouldn’t even have to debunk this one. The Biden Administration says the unemployment rate is at like 4.2 percent, and that wages are rising. While that might be true in most ways, we rate the claim false anyway.

After our own investigation, we found that it’s still very difficult to get a burger or a cup of coffee in a timely manner. The stores all say nobody wants to work.

What does that mean? It means they’re at home, collecting free Biden money and food and other cool stuff to the tune of $112K per year. I wouldn’t work either.

We got these statistics where we get most of our statistics. We made them up. According to our records, 82.8 percent of all statistics on the internet are made up. I just made that up.

The bottom line is, the Biden administration is a liar liar pants on fire. There’s no way all those fast-food workers figured out that they could easily pull in twice as much money delivering the food, qualify for marketplace coverage rather than having to apply for Medicaid, and get to make their own schedules. That’s just absurd.

America is in trouble if these low-wage burger flippers don’t get back to being our punching bags, patriots. We’ll wait longer and the corporations that provide so many jobs will suffer. And we all know…they’re people, too.

God bless America.


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