Political pundits across the country are saying that the military is turning its back on Trump from recent reports of his disparaging remarks about them. We researched the claims and found them to be FALSE. Not just a little false, but very false.

The claims that the military are turning their backs on President Donald Trump are simply not real.

The simple fact is that support for the president has not changed. The media and the far-left radical liberals can make up any story they want. But facts are facts.

Trump’s numbers on the military are about the same as when he took office. Sure, they’ve wavered here and there, but that’s to be expected of any president, even the best one ever. Liberals trying to say differently are simply lying.

Air Force Master Sergeant Joseph Barron said his support has never changed for Donald Trump. He says anyone saying differently is not being honest and using him for political gain.

“I have not supported that orange terror, and I still don’t. What he said wasn’t surprising. He’s trash, and most of my fellow servicemen and women know that”.

Barron said he has not wavered one bit.

Army Captain Sandra Batt also confirmed that her mind has not been swayed by the news.

“Not one bit. He’s a scumbag. Always has been. Always will be. I’ll be damned to support a man who refuses to support us.” 

So there’s two military members who’s support for our great president hasn’t changed one bit, no matter what the liberal media says!

Trump has enjoyed unwavering support from our nation’s least intelligent people. And he will continue to receive their support no matter what, because the poorly educated are just that. As long as the dog whistles of racism continue, Trump will enjoy great success from the people he looks down on almost as much as the military. God bless America!


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