The liberals love to talk about Trump’s “impeachment” like it’s something that will follow him around “forever.” We’ve decided to take a look into the claim and see if it has any real merit.

After tons of research and phone calls with more than a dozen legal analysts, we have no choice but to rate this claim false.

While it may be true that President Trump’s impeachment will stay on the record for the foreseeable future, nobody really knows what “forever” means. If you go forward in time a thousand years and look up President Trump, what will you find?

You’ll find a man who never told a lie. A man who drained the swamp. A man the world respects more than they ever respected another President. You might not find this whole sham impeachment thing. Or maybe you will. The fact that there’s no way to tell means we can’t say the claim is true, even though it’s pretty likely.

So there you have it. Liberals don’t care about the truth or the future, otherwise they’d admit that their little impeachment celebration might only last a few hundred years, or until the American people put the Trump family in charge forever with a constitutional amendment.


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