Ever since President Trump called for a boycott of Goodyear, liberals have been tying their panties in knots trying to say it’s “illegal.”

Unfortunately for them, we rate their claim false.

According to article 11 section 14, clause 4 of the United States Constitution, the President has every right to call for boycotts of treasonous American companies:

“The President shall lead the charge against any company or individual that commits treason inside the United States.”

It’s as simple as that. When Goodyear announced that they wouldn’t allow MAGA hats inside their facilities, they announced that they hate Trump and their country, which is a form of treason.

Legal expert and spokesman for the Congressional United National Treason Search, Art Tubolls, says this is a clear-cut case:

“Treason can be tricky to define. It was treason for Obama to give money to Iran, for example, but it’s ok for trump to send aid to Russia. It’s treason for Hillary to sell our Uranium to Russia, but if Trump wants to build a tower in moscow, he’s allowed. There are fine legal lines that the Democrats cross all the time.

“This is one of those cases. Goodyear committed treason when they spoke out against our President and denied their workers their 1st Amendment rights. Unless you play professional sports, act, or sing, you should always be able to express yourself on the job.

“The Bill of rights defines treason as high crimes against the US. I think it’s clear that Goodyear is guilty, and therefore perfectly succesptible to boycotts from the West Wing.”

The Democrats are now scrambling to see if they can make the definition of treason go away like they did when they learned Obama was a secret terrorist.

They’re already trying to push socialist Marxism and communist fascism on us, so this isn’t that much of a leap.

Trump shouldn’t be worried. Millions of us will continue to answer these kinds of things the best way we know how:

“Trump 2020.”

God bless America.


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