There’s been a long-standing rumor that Kamala Harris, the woman on the presidential ticket with Democrat Joe Biden, only achieved success in her life by sleeping her way to the top. Lacking the talent or intelligence to make it on her own, she is rumored to have hopped into bed to achieve all of her success.

Whether this is true or not has never been thoroughly investigated for verification…. until now.

Our ace investigators here at Freedom Fictions dove into the life of Kamala Harris to check the veracity of these claims. Not only did they find the rumors to be truthful, they discovered that the scandal was not limited to the city of San Francisco and Willie Brown.

Firstly, yes, Kamala Harris did indeed spend a huge amount of time in bed during her rise to prominence in San Francisco. This was corroborated by many of her coworkers and her family, as well as her own admission.

In her own words:

“When I was climbing the ladder in San Fran, my mattress became my best friend.”

Further intrusion into his life revealed that this practice is not uncommon for her. Throughout college and even going back into high school, friends, family, and teachers all went on record to say that Harris slept her way through her education as well. She did so unapologetically and ceaselessly.

Now one of of her law professors, Dr. Joe Barron, gave a statement with regard to her sinful ways:

“Kamala Harris was perhaps the most absent student I’ve ever seen. She rarely attended class, generally only coming in for tests. From my observation and what I’ve heard from others, she never studied. She got through college on her back.

Kamala was by far the most intelligent person I’ve ever seen in my life. True, she didn’t study but she did read the assigned text. Then, with her photographic memory, she just knew the material and never ever forgotten it. Simply put, she’s gifted.

It turns out she also had a sleep disorder, which I understand she has now overcome. Her disorder manifested itself by causing her to sleep almost endlessly. Twenty hours a day from what I understand and she did this for several decades.

Now that she has gotten past her disorder, I have to say that, because of her incredible intelligence, I can’t think of a single person more well-suited for a position in higher government.“

Confirmed. Kamala Harris has been getting through life “on her back”, as her former professor said.

This is despicable.

All of her education must be questioned as well as her ability to perform in the role of Vice-President. It’s unlikely that she is suitable for it at all.


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