Recently, it was reported on the America’s Last Line of Defense network of sites that President Donald Trump will sign an executive order to eliminate funding to Democrat governed states in the near future. It was also reported that this will create a budget surplus, as virtually no tax revenue is gained from Democrat governed states.

Virtually 80 million people live in the four states of California, Illinois, New York, and Washington. Using a conservative estimate of $20,000 spent by the Federal Government on each citizen living within those states, this adds up to approximately $1.6 trillion spent per year.  Moving to the other side of the ledger, since nearly no Republicans live in these states, no one is actually working so no tax revenue is being collected, regardless of what the actual numbers show.

Senior Auditor Joe Barron explained:

“We had to get one of those calculators that has more that 8 digits in it because we kept getting an error message. When we did that, it came out to $1.6 trillion. That’s more than $1 trillion, so not only is the claim true, but it’s very true. What other information do you need?”

With $1.6 Trillion on the fictitious expense side of the ledger with no income makes the claim:


What makes this executive order even more impressive is that President Trump will immediately eliminate the deficit, but will end up paying off the deficit within his remaining eight years in office, once the Supreme Court extends his term to account for the illegal impeachment that these same Democrats put him through because they didn’t like the results of the election in 2016.

If you want to keep our budget surplus in the hands of fiscally irresponsible Democrats, do everything you can to keep President Trump in office for 8 more years and keep believing satire fact checks!


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