An op-ed being circulated in conservative groups is claiming that President Trump can file a motion under Article 2, Section 12, Subsection 3 of the US Constitution that would begin impeachment hearings against Nancy Pelosi. According to the article, Pelosi is bound by the constitution to hold fair and honest hearings or face impeachment herself.

The article contends that the President has the power to appeal to the Supreme Court, thereby bypassing Congress, due to a Nixon-era law aimed to protect Tricky Dick while the Republican Congress still trusted him. Obviously, that didn’t work out, but the law is on the books just the same.

So the question is, can the President ask to have Pelosi removed? Assuming that the law is worded properly and that Article 2 Section 14 has been satisfied, the answer is yes. Under those conditions, Pelosi could be removed by the Supreme Court.

The beauty of the law, according to longtime Trump friend Alan Dershowitz, is that the Supreme Court could rule on its own, eliminating any future appeals, as that precedent would be self-binding.

On top of that, President Trump could invoke another statute at that time that would extend his term by the three years he’s lost, making him eligible to run in 2023 for what would then be his second term.

All of this is written as plain as the day is long, right there in the United States Constitution. The liberals denying these simple truths need to go back to their grade-school civics classes.


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