An article recently published by a reputable website is reporting that the Supreme Court can dismiss the impeachment charges against President Trump. The site, part of a network of right-leaning blogs whose mission is to make sure Trump supporters are as informed as possible, cites sources and legal precedents that seem irrefutable.

The article states, in part:

The Supreme Court has decided to hear arguments to dismiss the ridiculous charges brought against President Trump by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Art Tubolls, head clerk for Justice Neil Gorsuch, says the decision was unanimous and not along party lines:

“Every justice agreed that the arguments should at least be heard, regardless of how unconstitutional they may be. It’s their job to determine that with a ruling.

“It’s likely that the five Trump-friendly justices will, however, vote to dismiss the charges.”

We looked into the constitutionality of the matter and found that there is no mention of the Supreme Court having that kind of power, which means they have it by default under Article 13 Section 9:

“The Supreme Court shall hold all powers not granted to them in this document until such a time as a Presidential Order or law from Congress takes it away.”

That means that they absolutely can do what the article says and that the website reporting it is right, as usual. Now let’s just hope it sticks so President Trump can weather this storm at home and on the golf course where he belongs rather than being hampered with requests for the truth.

We all know what he’ll say anyway. Let’s just move on, shall we?

We rate this fake news fact-check true.



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