The CLAIM : Donald Trump as well as a large group of his supporters and sycophants are convinced that there were election “irregularities”, hidden votes, fraudulent activity, and at times, possibly goddamn space aliens involved in the 2020 election cycle.

After a thorough investigation of these ridiculous complaints, all put forward by Donald Trump himself and believed by absolutely zero people in his inner circle, we at Freedom Fictions have determined that the entire thing is a bowl of soggy shit.

With the exception of severely mentally ill pillionaire Mike Lindell, Trump simply didn’t get enough votes to win.  It’s not that Joe Biden was a Master Politician.  It’s that Joe Biden, for all his drawbacks and peccadillos won’t try to nuke hurricanes or purchase Greenland offhandedly.

Sandra Batt of the 2020 Election board of supervisors says there’s less than no truth to Trump’s delusions of grandeur.

“It doesn’t matter what he says, he lost.  He lost the election by a lot because America tried him as President and it was embarrassing. Really bad.  We don’t want that again.  So we put the old man in.  What else could we do? Better than that douchebag.”

The absolute 100% lack of any proof of any election fraud investigated by a dozen different agencies of varying political bent add up to this claim being complete bullshit.  Grow up, Trump.  Go rip off some cancer kids.

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  1. Beth

    Are you nuts? When did you write this? Have you looked at all the available evidence?

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