The claim: President Trump had a series of mini-strokes that sent him to Walter Reed in November.

Our rating: False.

The claim started when the Drudge report, which has become a liberal website now, reported that Trump went to Walter Reed in November for more than a routine exam, and a CNN journalist asked if it might have been a stroke.

The claim of mini-strokes came after Trump said he never had any, even though nobody asked him about them.

Therefore, we had to do our research. This is what we found:

Trump said he never had any mini-strokes, which makes it law. It doesn’t matter what Drudge thinks. Sorry, liberals, but his word is as good as gold.

There’s not enough scientifical evidence on YouTube to even suggest that these “mini-strokes” exist at all. A person can have regular strokes, and massive strokes, but mini-strokes seems to be a liberal fantasy dreamed up by a tweet from Trump’s bathroom.

The evidence seems to point more to an actual stroke, brought on by abuse of the prescription drug Adderall, which the President denies taking, so that can’t be true either.

Basically, President Trump is Superman, and there has never been anything wrong with him, ever, and he’s most likely immortal and possibly the son of God.

We hope this clears up any confusion. If not, you should have yourself tested for mini-strokes.

But not if they don’t exist.

*This blog is not a doctor and our advice in no way correlatifies to medicinalities.


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