The Conservative Historical Alliance Delegation has been checking out that little area between the truth and fiction that liberals like to call “history.” What they’ve uncovered is that Barack Obama used his power and influence over the US Department of Education to change the very history we teach our kids.

According to the Obama “fact-finding commission,” which was a total secret until its records were unsealed yesterday, they found “dozens” of instances where history had been “white-washed” to eliminate any negative depiction of our great nation.

First of all, the conquerors write the history, and that’s us. Plus, we’re not some ancient civilization. We kept good records back then and we even took some pictures from what I’m told. So for Obama to change things, well that’s just wrong.

What Obama changed about history that we must change back:

These are the worst cases of injustice in a history book ever. Please write to Betsy DeVos and ask her to stop this madness.

The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment was written by God himself. No man can give nor take away the right to defend himself, so it had to have been. Like the Bible, a man wrote it, but the Good Lord commanded it.

The great founders knew they would need the right to their guns if they ever needed to overthrow the government. They knew there were Indians and Mexicans still out there.

According to Obama “history,” the 2nd Amendment was something slave-owners demanded. They purposely used the phrase “well-regulated,” and “overthrowing the government” isn’t something that appears in the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment, to them, was written to ensure the security of the nation, not the people in it.

All of that, of course, is a lie. 92 percent of Americans owned a gun back then and they were never giving them up. They had no choice but to let them keep their guns or get overthrowed themselves.

Slave owners

Slave owners in America were mostly black. Either that or they were the Jewish people in New York who basically owned the Irish. But because the majority of people freed by Republican Abraham Lincoln happened to be black, they use that to make white people look bad.

Here in Tallahassee, we learned all about how most slaves were like family, except you locked them up in chains at night. They were treated with respect and when they were freed, they fought for the South without being paid. Southerners were just businessmen using the tools they had at their disposal to make the most money. It isn’t their fault it was legal.

Obama would have you believe that it was the plantation owners that kept slavery alive so long, not the people in Africa selling their own to the Dutch. They lobbied for slavery, which wasn’t hard, since most founders owned a bunch. His “historians” say slaves were kept in horrible conditions and treated like beasts of burden, not people.

Even if that was true, is that the kind of thing you’d teach your kids? Maybe a few bad apples spoiled the bunch. Since Obama came and made it all evil and bad, we’ll probably never know.

The Civil War

The Civil War was known to most in the South as The War of Northern Aggression…until Obama. We all know that Honest Abe was a Republican and we thanked him for freeing the slaves, but then he wanted to take away our rights as states to say who could and couldn’t vote, etc. So we had to defend ourselves, create a new country, that whole thing.

According to Obama’s people, the Civil War started when the South refused to accept the abolition of slavery because of the economic consequences. That really doesn’t make sense, since, at that time, we had one of the worst illegal alien problems in our history. Mexicans were already bidding to work for years at a time — cheaper than the cost of owning an American black person.

A lot of heroes came out of that war. A couple of really historic flags. We want to cherish it all as a part of history, but the Democrats ruined it. Those damned 1863 Democrats. Then, when they lost the war,k they started the KKK so they could keep hating slaves. Somewhere along the way there’s some confusion, but don’t think about that. Just remember: Heritage not Hate.

And so much more

It’s already way past the point that taters stopped reading, but still. There’s a whole lot more of this kind of thing. Obama loved to twist history to make people read the truth instead of propaganda. Shame on him.


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