The claim : Charged by former President Donald Trump and countless numbers of his tragically confused and often deranged elderly supporters, that cable news network CNN is “fake news”.

The claim has no specific basis in reality and references no specific “fake” story or evidence beyond daring to show Trump himself embarrassing and incriminating himself, but here we are.

Staff at Freedom Fictions has investigated and taken efforts to contact those involved, and has come to the conclusion that the claim parroted by the easily brainwashed right wing slobber-factories is :


CNN was founded as the first 24-hour cable news agency in 1980 by mogul Ted Turner.  Since then it has grown and boasts agency desks at the Pentagon as well as in 212 foreign countries.  It has won a Peabody award as well as six journalistic Emmys.

While CNN has shifted in order to compete with rival entertainment network Fox News, adopting several punditry programs of opinion and viewpoint such as those anchored by Don Lemon, Joe Barron, Chris Cuomo, and Libby McLibtard, it’s main features simply report top news stories.

In contrast, channels and networks such as Newsmax, Breitbart, OAN, and the Epoch Times contain only opinion pieces by uninformed and paid talking heads for the Republican party, usually uptight teabaggers pretending to be offended by some pointless shit and whining whitely.

None of these outlets has ever broken a single real news story or participated in “journalism” past etching the word on the back of a Skynyrd belt buckle.

It’s not like they’re really hard to convince. This Scientology lawyer made them believe in imaginary invisible numbers.

The “fake news” label is applied to any person, channel, network, or newspaper that hurts the feelings of oversized thalidomide baby Donald Trump, and has become meaningless when his cult acolytes can find anything they want to hear on a Facebook shitpage next to erectile dysfunction ads and a story about gay Fema chemtrails.

It is what it is with these people.


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