The Claim – After attending several events sponsored by Christian organizations, anti-choice donors, and posing uncomfortably with an upside-down Bible in front of a venerable church, Democratic critics say that President Trump is engaged in a pandering operation simply to get the votes of mainly elderly and white evangelicals who became Christians on January 1st, 2008, when a black man was elected leader.  Freedom Fictions has researched this claim and found it to be :


In his early career as a professional fraud artist in New York, engaged in manipulating tax law and refusing to pay creditors of his bankrupt business failures, Trump became a tabloid sensation.  In that capacity, and due to a psychologically toxic need for attention at all times, the faux billionaire gave hundreds of public interviews, one of the most notable, to journalist Barbara Walters in a live televised event.

Available as footage in a five-part documentary series by Netflix producer Joe Barron, the future President told Walters that he was a “lifelong atheist”, and that “belief in some Jesus fairy tale was what stupid people use to blame their failures and losses on some made-up ghost.”

Many Trump supporters blame their failures on toilets not coming with instructions.

Trump repeated the claim later on in another similar instance on Larry King Live, telling the host “These God-botherers are the easiest idiots to manipulate.  All you have to do is put the words ‘God bless’ after anything you say, and they’ll be bouncing up and down on your private parts in no time.”  He ended the interview praising the work of prominent Atheist Bill Mahr.

Finally, during his Presidency in February of 2020, Trump refused to appear at an event organized by televangelist Franklin Graham, writing an official press release explaining that he “abhors Christian nonsense”, and adding that he : “Isn’t stupid enough to cling to Santa Claus sky people.”  The Claim that he was some sort of “Christian” has been found to have originated on a 4Chan message board for pornographic anime.


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