The Claim : Once again, the Facebook network known as “America’s Last Like of Defense” which is, I just can’t stress this enough, a SATIRE page, reported that the “Bill O’Reilly Hour'”, a new program starring guess who, will be replacing The View on ABC television soon.

We at Freedom Fictions did what 98% of people on the pages didn’t do and actually READ the article, and from that incredible detective work, determined that the report is absolutely, positively, and blueberrily False.

Now sure, the beginning of this article says the claim is “true”, right after it says “fact check”.  But I think we all know the drill by now, normal people.  This page right here isn’t exactly Snopes now, is it?  But then again, Snopes is kind of the Limp Bizkit of fact checkers anyway, so there’s that, right?

In order to justify this odd series of events, we turn to the ever popular Joe Barron for clarification.

“Yes.  See, Bill O’Reilly, in reality, beats women and sodomizes them with loofah sponges.  That’s why he’s out of action.  But conservatives don’t give a shit about human feelings and rights and punishment.  They’re like little kids who just want their wubbies back.  So it’s true, in the sense that it’s true to them no matter what we, or reality, says.”

Yes.  In a post Trump world, what’s “true” or “false” makes no difference anymore.  It’s just what was reported.  Even as clearly marked satire.  And there’s no cure.  These people are terminally misinformed and forever stupid.

Isn’t it wonderful?


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