The claim : Social media posts have gone viral claiming that during the terrorist attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, *President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to give backup aid to four citizens stationed there, issuing a “stand-down” order that lead to their unfortunate deaths.  Freedom Fictions has investigated this story, and found it to be:

Even after a dozen or so years and nine investigations, this fairy tale of what actually happened would be false if it applied to the actual event.  However, since Trump’s cult of hammer bags live in some alternate reality where reality doesn’t exist and the only true story is the one that doesn’t make sense, has been disproven, and childishly provides villains for their fevered brains to smolder over while they make the deaths of four Americans into embarrassing conspiracy theory fodder, the claim that it is Trump’s fault is just as true as what they’ve chosen to swallow.  MORE so, in fact.

Fact – If Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to go look at millions of futures in like thirty seconds, why couldn’t he have gone back six minutes and really insisted that Thor aim for the head?

The truth is, the current pathetic cartoon excuse for a leader has already proven himself completely incompetent, so if this attack actually HAD happened today, there is no doubt that the idiot gorilla *President would have risked more lives in order to massage his ego, and sent more men into a live-fire clusterf*ck, where they too would have become casualties.  Within hours, Trump would either deny it happened, blame someone else, or fall on the ground and piss himself when a reporter asked about it.  Then he’d fire Pompeo, call him a fake secretary, and replace him with Meatloaf from The Apprentice or something because he’s the stupidest douchebag on Earth.

Matt Damon currently holds the title of Stupidest Douchebag on Mars.

Freedom Fictions takes it’s fictional fact checking seriously.  You’ve always got to be alert for junk news by doing regular reports of material labelled as “satire”.  Please send all donations to my mom.  She ordered that microwave egg thing from the tv ad and I don’t want to pay for it.

* impeached


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