Sometime between the time this photograph was taken and just now, sources close to Chelsea Clinton have denied that she’s the woman depicted. According to one person who may or may not have worked for Clinton for two years, the woman is “way too young” and ‘Chelsea never braids.”

In order to fact-check, we thought we’d start there. First, while she definitely doesn’t have the face for it, Chelsea Clinton certainly has been known to braid.

Second, as far as how old she is, we were unable to find a woman who looks like Chelsea when she was younger being arrested to compare to this one, so we have to rate that unverifiable.

Ultimately, while the source isn’t exactly one you might turn to for good information or actual news, it is a great source of things that you’ll probably agree with and want to share. being the only fact-checker that takes things like that into consideration, we rate this overall story as”

Highly Plausible but Unlikely/Unverified

We’ve sent journalists to all 7 corners of the globe to continue searching for the truth. The NYPD says it’s a crock of doody, but they’re probably just in on it.


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