The Claim:

During a budgetary discussion, Representitive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let fly a series of comments, including the statement that “9/11 was no big deal.”  The claim was put forward on Daily World Update, a clearly labelled satire page and was of course, believed by several thousand gullible Trumpers watching marathons of Real Housewives shows on old-people cable.  Freedom Fictions has determined this fictional nonsense is:

Last week Congress did not even hold a session to discuss anything, and according to house aide Joe Barron, Miss Ocasio-Cortez spent most of the week quarantined in her New York home, eating pizza and Klondike bars and looking absolutely adorable doing it.  I mean, if you’re looking for a strong, brilliant, and charismatic woman, AOC is far more than AOK.  This is a large reason why jealous wrinkly teabaggers have such a problem with her and will believe anything they read about her is true.  It’s because they have about the same chance of getting next to her as Melania Trump does of having a clean pap smear.

The CDC has actually officially named this : “Trumprousy.”

Freedoms Fictions also stands behind it’s satirical nature.  Which is why, in reality, the truth of this entire report, as well as the original story has been found to be:

l can guarantee it’s falsity by admitting that it was i who wrote the original article in the first place, under the influence of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and binging that funny vampire show on Hulu.  Just remember: Snopes needs your donations.  Powdered energy shakes aren’t free.



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