Alec Baldwin is a guilty man. Whether or not a court of law says so. He aimed that gun and it went off, and someone died. He should go to jail, no questions asked.

The Screen Actor’s Union of Hollywood seems to agree, expelling Baldwin under its “Accountability Clause.”

“Baldwin continues to deny his involvement and still refuses to take any responsibility for his actions,” said Guild President Joe Barron, “We can’t ignore what happened, and we can’t ignore that there may have been some foul play afoot.”

Baldwin’s lawyer, Ryan J Fish of Williams Vanden and Boom, says his client should be afforded the right to plead his case to the ethics committee before a ruling like that gets handed down.

“Ultimately,” said Fish, “Alec isn’t really concerned. He’s still a member of the real unions for actors and writers and couldn’t care less what the secondary union thinks.”

What Baldwin calls the “secondary union” is home to some of the greats, including Jon Voight, Gina Carano, Dean Cain, Scott Baio, the Hercules guy, and James Woods. Baldwin had better start caring before his career suffers bigly.

The union won’t accept any nominations in Baldwin’s name for any of the awards at its banquet, which it hopes to hold sometime around 2032 at the Shoney’s by the West Palm Beach Airport. God Bless America.



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