THE CLAIM : President Donald Trump, due to the penalties of his impeachment under article 7, sections 4, 5, and 11 of the Constitution, can not run for the office a second time in 2024, as such an attempt would violate the Clause of Non-Concurrent terms.  We at Freedom Fictions have done our due diligence in this matter, and found the claim to be :


Although nothing in the Constitution even mentions anything of the like, and indeed, will only lead to comment sections filled with dusty old teabagging mental patients not only denying Trump’s landslide loss to President Biden, but also the validity of the impeachment itself, it is absolutely true that Trump likely won’t run again in 2024 if he’s even still upright by then.

We reached out to constitutional expert and Professor emeritus Al B. Yankin of Miskatonic University for his thoughts on the matter, but he had unfortunately been recently braided to death during a visit to a Harlem hair styling boutique with a ladyfriend. Instead, we asked our Quiznos sandwich artist Sandy Batt to opine.

“Well, what I think is right is that America did two things in this last election.  They voted for someone familiar with a reasonable clear head like Joe Biden to help heal the country from it’s pandemic crisis and divided, angry mind set.  Also, they’ve had far too much of Donald Trump’s absolute dipshittery the last four years, are over it, and don’t ever want him back.  Not now, not in 2024, not ever.  I have no idea what punishment goes with his impeachment.  But I do know that blackballing the dumb f*cker from any future in government is implied by We the People.  That’ll be $7.55 plus fifty cents extra for the guacamole.”

He is also required to be Hillary’s personal slave for 6 months due to the Brady Bunch clause.

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