Fact-Check: TRUE: The View Producers Forced Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to Apologize to Rittenhouse

The Claim: The View Producers Forced Whoopi and Joy Behar to Apologize

Claimed by: ALLOD

We rate this claim: TRUE

That’s right, patriots. We here at America’s Last Line of Defense’s Fact-Checking wing have determined that this story is absolutely as true as it was the day it was first reported.

First, we looked at the publication and author. The article originated from America’s Last Line of Defense and was written by Flagg Eagleton – Patriot. That and that alone was enough for this reporter to certify it as authentic.

Secondly, look at the facts of the case. Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, which is a big win for conservatism in general, so therefore, anything of this sort that may seem even remotely plausible is true.

True enough to be published on America’s Last Line of Defense, anyway, which is all that really matters here.

So don’t fret, patriot, when you see this headline and your friends say it’s “satire.” Tell them you spoke directly with Flagg Eagleton, and he says it’s A-OK to share.

God bless America.

This is why, patriots. Deal with it

*Disclaimer: The author of this post is also the author of the article in question, which may or may not be a conflict of interest. Thank you.

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