Fact-Check: TRUE – 2 Beef Sandwiches With Fries Costs $45 in Chicago

The Claim: 2 Italian beef sandwiches with fries cost $45 or more in Chicago, and it’s Joe Biden’s fault.

Claimed by: A guy on Facebook

We rate this claim: True!

It’s true. If you go to Chicago to get food for seven people and look into two beef sandwiches for you and your wife, you can feed the whole house for $10 worth of Walmart pizzas.

The beef sandwiches are probably that expensive. We didn’t actually check, but it seems about right. We’re talking about that nasty crockpot chuck roast they dip in its own grease, right? You can’t get a sandwich from Subway for under $11, so we just figured this sounded reasonable for those particular items.

We’ve also determined that Joe Biden is, in fact, responsible for the price of sandwiches and recommend he release 4 million of our strategic sandwich reserves. And some mustard.

God bless America.

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