Whoopi Goldberg had one task: apologize. The statements she made were so heinous, the network has scrubbed them from the internet and Twitter will remove them immediately as “hate speech.” Only Facebook, where liberals still promote their nonsense, still offers a version of what she said, and even that has been heavily redacted:

“I said what I said. The ******** don’t have a ************** clue  whah the  ************* *** ******, and ******** *** ******** for the ***********.”

If you missed it the first time, no worries. The original footage is sealed ion a can at AQBC and will be released in early 2024, after Goldberg’s contract runs out. Until then, she’ll serve a three-month unpaid suspension, costing her nearly $7 million.

Network Program Director Joe Barron says the show will be just fine without her. “We’ll get someone just as obnoxious without the history and the show will be fine,” he said, “Whoopi isn’t the first host we’ve tossed and she won’t be the last.

Social media immediately lit up with the news of yet another Whoopi suspension, with most commenters wondering — and often praying — for it to be true. But is it true? Whoopi gets suspended or fired every other day, it seems, and yet she’s always back on the air the next day.

Maybe this time things will be different, patriots, and we can go back to not watching the View for some other reason. God bless America.


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