Whoopi Goldberg shocked even her own fans when she called the death of Lynette Harbaway, otherwise known as Diamond of Diamond and Silk, “hilarious.”

“I mean, does anyone take these clowns seriously? As Doomsday Jesus so eloquently put it, ‘When I look at them, I can’t help but see Al Jolson.’ Am I happy she’s dead? Of course not. Do I think it’s hilarious that her sister annouynced her passing by asking for donations to…her? Absolutely.”

Goldberg’s insensitivity was immediately called out by people from both sides of the aisle. Tomi Lahren, who posted a touching tribute to the late celebrity, laid into her but good: “Yeah? well…you have funny hair,” she said. The tweet got 54,000 likes. From Whoopi’s own political circle came the worst scorching, however, when Taylor Swift took to Instagram to light her up in what will make a fantastic headline for later.

She called a woman’s death “hilarious,” patriots, and that’s all anyone needs to know about her. Whether or not she made valid points is irrelevant. Lyndsey Haribarbar was a human being, and we will miss her in all her glory. The intolerant and unempathetic left strikes again.

Silk, whose real name will remain a mystery until she passes per her living will, plans to sue Whoopi and the View sometime next week after this nonsense saturates the tater pool a bit. Goldberg has no idea the hell storm she set in motion. God bless America.


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