When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he accomplished two things: He restored free speech to an American institution while simultaneously eliminating hate and division. In the latest move to safeguard the platform, Musk ordered Whoopi Goldberg’s account permanently disabled.

It doesn’t show as suspended or not in use, it’s just…not there. “I couldn’t allow it to continue,” said Musk, “her hate was so strong and her lies so easily debunked. I had no choice.”

Goldberg was well-known to cause division when she brought issues of race, social injustice, and other popular leftist themes to her Twitter account, a clear violation of the new Musk rules. “It’s okay to talk politics, but when you start lying about things and your opinions are contrary to the good of the nation, the time for you to go is now.”

Goldberg is appealing the decision to Twitter’s review board, but since Musk pays their salary, he’ll most likely come out triumphant. “Free speech must be guarded at all cost,” said Twitter spokesman Joe Barron, “and sometimes you need to silence people to get there.”

Musk says Whoopi can reapply for an account in a year but her actions and statements on The View between now and then will weigh heavily on the board’s decision.


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