A meme has been circulating widely on social media lately stating:

“The wall people are now climbing in minutes just for fun! It’s a tourist attraction now! No ropes needed! No ladders! They are timing who can do it the fastest! The current record is 45 seconds !”

The meme appears to originate from a tweet from “Mike Mozart @Jeepers Media” in response to another handle, “@Stop_Trump20”. Keepers claimed to be giving the anti-Trump group further ammunition in their proclaimed “War Against Walls in America” or , WAWA, as they like to put it.

Close examination of the picture attached to tweet led us to easily give this a rating of

The wall section that this people are sitting on is NOT Trump’s wall. Rather, it is section of much smaller FENCE erected by former President Barack Obama. That prior fence is small, weak, and impotent, much like the former president himself. If you look closely, you can actually see the footholds that Obama insisted on having installed to make climbing easier – “So nobody hurts themselves,” he said.

This minuscule fence is actually part of what President Trump is eliminating to make way for an actual WALL.

Additionally, Trump’s section of wall was actually scaled by two teenage girls in 15 seconds. That is the current record, not 45.

Yet another example of liberal spreading of misinformation with the intention of causing dissent in the population and distrust of our leader on the White House. Another pathetic attempt, another


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