The Claim : To this day, very many low to zero intelligence having dumbletwats, not all just on the internet, believe that the current vaccines made available for the Covid-19 pandemic are somehow “evil”, and contain all kinds of bizarre chemicals and shit that, for some reason, kill people.

We have completely DONE OUR HOMEWORK for potato class 101 and, with one brain behind our backs, determined that the incredible massacre caused by these medicines is, indeed :

First of all, let’s go back.  Remember when we were all relegated to our houses waiting until Easter, which is when Trump said the sun would kill it all away or some bullshit like that?  Remember that?  We were all hoping for a miracle vaccine so we could have some sense of normalcy back.

Then Boom.  Vaccines.  Trump takes credit, they work fine, nobody’s sad.  I mean, we’ve had vaccines forever.  What’s the big deal?  Jesus, we desperately wanted a vaccine, and the one goddamn thing Trump (kinda) did right.

Now.  In come the conspiracy theorists.  “We don’t know what’s in them!” Medicines, you dickheads.  “They alter your DNA!” No, they’re not the Universal Soldier compound, and you aren’t Jean Claude Van Damme.

They moan over the statistics of hundreds of thousands dead that come from our OWN CDC!  OMIGOD!  Unless they come from the Mortality and Morbidity Report, which comes from…nutty people saying that their fat, heart diseased diabetic cousin’s in law suddenly died three months after getting “the jab”.  That’s right, you can just write whatever you want and send it in.

False equivalencies, idiotic conspiracy theories, and a couple million Trump morons are a dangerous mix.  Much much more dangerous than a vaccine.



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