Go woke go broke. Conservatives have been saying it for quite some time, but for some reason, American companies don’t want to listen.

According to an in-depth analysis, “wokeness” has cost businesses in the United States more than $180 billion.

It didn’t start with Bud Light, but that campaign certainly did highlight the issue. It seems as though every company is doing some kind of wokeness thing.

CEO of Goldman Sachs, Joe Barron, says the trend is “disturbing but not irreversible.” According to the exec, companies that get out of the woke business now will likely recover when the fad ends right after the 2024 election.

“This is all political theater,” said Barron, “Once the people elect a new president they’ll go back to hating everything. The Left will learn that the culty right controls everything with its 30 million or so members. When they boycott, companies suffer.”

One analyst pointed out that every company does a Pride celebration, just like every company does St. Patty’s Day. “It’s covered in rainbows and fun. Ever go looking for ‘anti-pride’ companies? There are like five. Let the MAGA douchebags think what they want. The majority of Americans have embraced equality.”

The analyst refused to provide his name for fear of retribution, meaning he’s probably one of them. That’s okay. His opinion won’t change the headline, patriots. God Bless America.


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