When country superstar Garth Brooks puts on a show, it typically sells out. Seats almost always sell in the secondary market for thousands. Last night, the singer learned that vilifying your own fan base and calling them a-holes is a costly endeavor.

In his first live appearance since the speech that lost him millions of supporters, Brooks filled The Geico Memorial Arena in Jostenberg, Illinois to just over 50 percent capacity.

“It was embarrassing,” said tour manager Joe Barron, “Poor Garth was waving people from the nosebleed seats to come down front. None of the floor seats sold. It was sad.”

Brooks has another show at the Haremfeather Norfolk Amphitheater in East Chicago next week that he’s considering canceling.

“I’m pretty sure if I just don’t show up things will be alright,” Brooks reportedly told his good friend Art Tubolls of the Chicago Bulls, “considering there’s a good chance that town doesn’t exist, will they miss me?”

Brooks was laughing from inside his new bar in Nashville, “Friends In Low Places,” while drinking a Bud Light. “I’m pretty sure they’ll buy anything so long as it punishes ol’ Garth,” he chuckled.

It’s true that if the venues are fictional that the stories could be, too, but does he really need to shove it in America’s face by drinking a Bud Light? For shame, Mr. Brooks. For shame. God Bless America.


      • Steve DuCharme

        Interesting that when I google both places neither one exists?
        Only thing comes up is this article..Are these arenas fiction?

  1. Mike Radant

    People are tired of having this degenerate agenda of 2% of the country pushed in their face all the time. You have to expect some blow back. Brought to you by the (((media))) who decides what is news and public debate!

  2. Constance

    “East Chicago” is Lake Michigan. Well played, Mr. Eagleton.

    • mw

      Wrong. There is an East Chicago, .. in Indiana. Oil Terminals and pipe mostly.

  3. Bradley Stephens

    Karma comes for them all sooner or later!!!

    • Joe

      Karma for what? Not joining in a stupid, hateful boycott? 😁😆🤣🤣🤏🍆 energy

  4. handjobgivingliberal

    What kind of useless fag writes these bullshit stories?

    • Anita Dique

      In all fairness, an insider tells me it was a useful fag, but I see your point.

    • Eddie

      Hahahaha…..maria, your so foolish, it has nothing g to do with politics….it is a sick ideology that bud lite is advertising

      • God

        Learn to write American, dumbass. You’re an embarrassment.

  5. KingBeevr

    I have some t-shirts from this show. If anyone wants them I’ll be in front of Governor Abbott’s office. $30 each and I only accept cash and Taco Bell gift cards.

  6. Damianonno

    I googled Garth Brooks and the only thing which came up is this well researched article. Is Garth Brooks fiction?

  7. Jethro Sakamoto

    Brookside lost the plot. What a homoerotic traged

  8. Jethro Sakamoto

    Brookside lost the plot. What a homoerotic tragedy.

  9. Amanda Hugginkis


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