The internet can’t stop talking about a rumor about Whoopi Goldberg and an awkward moment at Tine Turner’s funeral.

The claim states that Turner and Goldberg were once friends but had a falling out and that Whoopi showed up to make amends. Turner’s family informed her that she was expressly listed as persona non grata by Turner herself. Goldberg left the venue as onlookers mocked her.

After careful consideration of the facts, allowing for the stellar reputation of the story’s original author, we rate this claim true.

While the Facebook story may qualify as true for Facebook, including for all those who hope or pray for it to be so, it doesn’t necessarily jive with actual reality, which isn’t important for the purposes of a good tater harvest.

In the real world, Tina Turner expatriated to Switzerland and was friends with Whoopi, who has a fear of flying. She probably won’t make the small, private service for family and friends that hasn’t actually happened yet.

But again, that’s not important right now. As we all come together to grieve someone we’d probably hate as much as Whoopi upon learning that she endorsed Barack Obama, we should all remember that without being angry at Whoopi, none of the current bumper crop would care at all. God Bless America.


  1. Jeanne Cunningham

    Good, she seems to think that everyone just falls all over her , so she can be there. It’s time for Whoopless to figure it out.

  2. Nichole Trexler

    How do I apply to be a writer and or proofreader for I only ask because I can proofread quite well. Example, the beginning of this article… Tine Turner? Her name was Tina Turner and this should have been caught by a proofreader.

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