Internet rumors claim that the “Who’s the Boss” reboot is back on — without Alyssa Milano

Is it true? Did Tony Danza sell the reboot to Netflix without the liberal process? Yes. It’s true. As far as we can tell, the reporting is from a credible source anyone on staff would vouch for both personally and professionally.

Danza didn’t just sell the reboot. He sold it with a more American twist. Rather than living as a grandpa to Sam’s non-binary teenage brat, Tony will be the “housemate” of Angela’s stepdaughter, Destiny, and the show will be “light-hearted, sexy, and fun.”

That’s a massive step from the social issue-laden libfest Milano had planned. She and her daughter, who isn’t really her son, were supposed to go and =get abortions together in the pilot episode, “Men Can Have Babies, Too.”

After pressure from Elon Musk and the obvious mental breakdown she’s been suffering, NBC canceled that version of the show and scrapped any plans to reinvest. Netflix, however, hopes the new spin appeals to the rural midwesterners and bible belters who search “stepsister” more than anyone else in the nation.

That’s because out here in the country, we know the value of family. God Bless America.

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  1. Frank

    I would have axed her crazy ass too!

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