There’s a claim going around the internet that NCAA Champion Lia Thomas is no longer an NCAA Champion.

The claim states that Thomas failed a cognitive reasoning test that helps determine whether or not an athlete is a safety risk.

Thomas gave answers that were “so disturbing,” according to NCAA Chairman Joe Barron, “That we had no choice but to expel her and strip her of the championship.

After speaking with the original reporter and Mr. Barron, we’ve determined that this story is 100 percent true.

Here at Freedom Fictions we always give you the truth you want, rather than the truth the mainstream media tries to push on you. As Tucker says, “You can’t have a free society if people aren’t allowed to say what they think is true.”

What you think is true is what really matters. So ask yourself. Do you want it to be true? Have you wished for it to come true? Have you taken the final step of praying that it’s true?

Then good news, Patriot. Our fact-check is in lock-step with your beliefs. This nonsense is definitely true.

Once again, women in the NCAA can be safe in their lockerroom. God Bless America.

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  1. BuffaloBob

    Why did it take this long to figure this out, Now when are the rest of the HeShes going to get tested, There is something sinister and dangerous about a male insisting on playing against the female’s claim to be a female, Biology is set, The Hormones are set, The composition is set, and a Male no matter what is a stronger faster, heavier musicled fram than a female with all to advantages that evolution has instilled in the male anatomy. Yes, all you have to do is look at the faces of the males when they are competing in the female gender, It show that there is a lot more going on than just the spirit of friendly competition. Everyone of those HeShes has psychological problems that are dangerous to our Daughters, , Wives, The Females in Sports, Yes why the need to crush them, and steal their hard earned honors.

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