It’s a true story, America. Sylvester Stallone is, in fact, opposed to wokeness and won’t allow it on his movie set.

Internet sources claim Stallone said there will be “no woke crap” on the set of his new movie.

We verified the credentials of the author of the original story and found him to be beyond reproach, and therefore not likely to publish things he doesn’t deem true, at least for the entertainment of his loyal followers.

Those who qualify, a small group of lefty trolls and some potatoes who don’t know any better, discussed the matter at great length and while the original source seems to possibly be word of mouth and unverifiable, enough of them believe it’s true, hope it’s true, or possibly even pray it’s true to make it highly unlikely that it is true. Or wait…false.

Now I’m confused, patriots. At any rate, you can share the story with confidence knowing it’s been fact-checked by Patriotic Americans who don’t discount divine intervention when we can’t explain stuff.

According to Stallone’s publicist, Joe Barron, the author is likely full of bullhonkey but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t true or that it couldn’t possibly come true, covering all of the journalistic bases for an accurate fact-check, according to Buzzfeed.

Thank you, Sly! You’re a national treasure.


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