The Claim: Roseanne Barr turned down a huge offer of $4 million per year to join “The View” as one of the conservative hosts, but she turned it down for fear that she might “punch Whoopi Goldberg in the face.”

Claimed by: Internet journalisticators, Roseanne Barr

We rate this claim: TRUE!

It’s true. Roseanne’s career is back on track. After years of watching the thieves at ABC continue her show after firing her, a Los Angeles jury handed Roseanne the keys to her kingdom — and $208 million in cash.

With her career fully restored, the producers of “The View” reached out to her, according to our sources, and offered her $4 million a year to do the show. “That’s less than half of what Whoopi gets,” said Roseanne, “plus I’d probably punch her right in the face.”

After repeating the ridiculous storyline one or two more times in several related stories that are also as true as this one, Roseanne walked away and decided the whole scenario was like that scene in Clerks. “I felt like the guy in the bathroom,” she said.

It’s unclear what she meant or why someone who had to resort to a standup act for the cult on Fox Nation for a reboot would turn down $4 million for any reason other than our fact check may have been a little over-zealous.

After careful consideration, we’ve ruled that out. It’s all true. God Bless America.


  1. Mary

    Why do you as a journalist have to give your opinion? Why don’t you write the just true facts and leave the judgment to your readers?

    • Deborah Paden

      Exactly….their ‘opinion’ is for off the job life!!! When reporting, keep your opinion to yourself…we WANT AND DEMAND truth and facts!

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