Joy Behar’s son took to Instagram to let her know that her comments about football were a bit misguided. Behar, who said only “conservative, heterosexual men” let their kids play full-contact football, got a little lesson in reality. Her son, actor Steven Amell, let her know that he played football, she said it was okay, and he turned out just fine.

The exchange went viral immediately and sparked a slew of internet questions. Is it true? Did Behar say that? Is Steven Amell really her son? Did he mock her on Instagram? After much investigation into the now-deleted post, we can safely say this story is true.

Initially, the report seemed a bit fishy because it talks about Amell as though he and his mother have a typical relationship. They don’t. According to sources, Amell’s adopted father, William Shatner, said that he and Behar decided not to keep up with the “traditional parenting” roles when they divorced, leaving Amell to fend for himself from age 11.

Amell found his real parents, Nicholas Cage and Roseanna Arquette, but the pair didn’t want to be a “nuclear family,” so Amell turned to tackle football. “Dad said it was okay,” said Amell, “and Mom said she was fine with it. Now it was all just a lie?”

The family definitely has a lot to work through, but one thing is sure — they won’t be getting together for Thanksgiving anytime soon.

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  1. Lea Baker

    THIS IS FALSE!! Stephen Amell’s parents are Sandra (Bolté) and Thomas Amell.

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