The claim: Guy Fieri saw Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny seated at Flavortown and asked them to leave. They showed up without a reservation, demanded a table, and just sat where they wanted.

Claimed by: Internet journalists – Flagg Eagleton of the Dunning Kruger Times provided the original reporting

We rate this claim:

Did Guy Fieri throw three members of The View out of his restaurant, Guy’s BBQ Gastropub in Malibu? Of course he did! The story comes from our longtime friends at The Dunning Kruger Times, a reputable source by absolutely nobody’s standards, including our own.

Add to that the credibility of the original author, however, and you have a piece that is undoubtedly, almost assuredly, and without any reservations, definitely possibly true. In an alternate timeline. Whose to say that on that earth, we aren’t all Guy Fieri kicking Whoopi out of our restaurant and making fun of her hair?

That being said, all things are likely true in an alternate timeline which has made the new “Rewarding Guy Fieri” series at ALLOD such a lovely read. After more than a dozen articles punishing Garth Brooks, the operation is poised to keep informing the American conservative of the complete bullshit they require to survive. God bless America.



  1. El Magnifico

    I’m so very glad this was validated, as was I. Thank you Flagg!

  2. Pop

    The more I see articles like this about Fieri the more I like him!

  3. Justin

    I was a true Guy fan..however, since he refused service to people who were not in agreement with his political views..I Will NEVER darken his establishment nor watch his shows..I see how narrow minded he is! I’ve maybe seen The View 3 times in my life..agree or disagree, they were patrons of his a kite Guy..your cooking shows, grocery gamed, and on the road shows.I will never respect you again! are more radical than them! Suck a potato root!

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