The story you may have seen all across social media about Garth Brooks canceling his bar’s grand opening are absolutely true.

We sent a fact-checker to Nashville to get the story firsthand. He reported back within minutes of arriving that the bar was closed and all grand opening materials had been removed.

“It doesn’t look like there’s anything going on,” said ALLOD Fact Check Correspondent Skip Teheludah, “the lights are off and there’s nobody working.”

Brooks refused requests to meet our reporter to set the record straight, opting instead to take to Twitter to add “Community Notes” to the story telling people it’s “political satire.”

What Brooks doesn’t know is that Skip has a direct line to Flagg Eagleton, who wrote the original story, and can ask him to write about it more. “Conservatives are pretty dumb,” Skip told his editor in confidence, “by tomorrow afternoon they’ll move on to a different shiny object,”

No matter what you believe, the facts are clear. A story online states that this happened, which typically means there’s some truth to it. It came from ALLOD, which typically means it’s a complete crock of doody. So who do we believe?

It’s best to pray on it, patriots, and in the end, remember…it doesn’t hurt anything if you believe your “enemies,” like Garth Brooks and that awful Whoopi Goldberg, get punished online. God Bless America.

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