Did Chuck Norris sign on to do Roseanne Barr’s new morning show?

According to the internet, that’s exactly what happened. But did it?

The rumors say that Norris, who may have worked on the same sound stage as Roseanne while filming “Walker: Texas Ranger,” has always wanted to work with her and jumped at the opportunity.

After researching the rumor and the credibility of the source, we rate this story 100 percent true!

While some of the details were a bit sketchy, we were able to find supporting documentation that puts Norris in Los Angeles in 1987 at the same time as Roseanne. They shared a meal with Bruce Willis and went to work, each on their own shows. There were rumors of a romantic relationship between them but that was dismissed as fake news.

Now, with the new opportunity, there’s always the possibility that the couple gives their time together some new meaning, as they’re both approaching their golden years as single adults.

Either way, the show will go on and the pair will co-=host. There are several slots left to fill, and Norris now has some say on who fills them. “I’d like to have a discussion with some smart conservatives,” said Norris, “like Scott Baio and Kevin Sorbo.”

Those would be fine additions to this megalith of entertainment, Mr. Norris. God bless you, and God Bless America.


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