An executive from CBS leaked the news to ALLOD that Roseanne Barr was offered $100 million to write a new show. “We approached her shortly after word came down that she was no longer canceled,” said Executive Vice President of Programming Joe Barron, “we threw a ton of money at her.”

Our source indicated that while there’s no official word yet, it seems likely that Roseanne will turn CBS down to take a show with Tim Allen on Fox. “CBS is okay,” she told someone on Thursday, “but I like Fox.”

After some investigation, we’ve determined that this story is absolutely true.

The show with Tim Allen will begin filming in Michigan later this year, with several cast members from the old show planning on making appearances. None of the cast of “The Conners” will be invited on, according to Francis.

With the wokeness gone and the show in production and the story the story, it’s very difficult to get something like this to 200 words, which is necessary for proper ad displays. Thirty or so more words and it would still be true that the story is the story and, according to the story, as true as can be.

God Bless America.


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