The President of the United States knew that the privately owned “Titan” submarine had imploded about 90 minutes into its journey to the bottom of the sea.

On that day, the Naval vessel USS Joe Barron reported that its sonar had picked up “crushing noises” similar to either an implosion or explosion at a depth of 12,708 feet.

“Within minutes” of the noises, the ship was alerted of the sub’s loss of communications. Rather than respond, it instead called the White House. Sources inside the West Wing confirm that Biden “personally shut down the implosion details” and ordered his staff to “let the situation play out.”

Those few moments may have been the difference between life and death for the five human beings aboard the vehicle.

How exactly? We’re not exactly sure. There is a possibility that the Navy is withholding secret time travel or other technologies that may have saved the passengers, but we’ll never know under Biden.

Our West Wing source, a Door Dash driver who has gained the trust of Larry at the front gate, says Larry knows what he’s talking about and would never lie about such things.

Based on the hard evidence, Larry’s expert testimony, and the knowledge that Joe Biden never does anything that isn’t corrupt. We happily rate this rumor true. God Bless America.


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