The claim: Anheuser Busch CEO Augustus Anheuser III issued a formal apology to the public for the Bud Light fiasco.

Claimed by: Online reports

We rate this claim: TRUE!

The story is true. Online sources verified that online sources verified the original information, certifying it as verified information. The conclusions of the fact-checkers are their own and don’t necessarily reflect the beliefs of the publication, the fact-checker, or our attorneys.

Lions in the streets and roaming dogs in heat rabid, foaming; a beast caged in the heart of the city. The body of its mother rotting in the summer ground; we fled the town. Went down south and crossed the border, left the chaos and disorder back there over our shoulders.

One morning we awoke in a green hotel with a strange creature groaning beside him. Sweat oozed from its shiny skin. Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.

If you received the message and understand, call the caretakers you have set up. The rapture is here.

Please make sure to only bring one carry-on item to heaven. All over-sized luggage will be dropped in the pits of hell and perpetrators will be given four or five centuries of purgatory. Thank you for your patronage, and please…enjoy your judgment. God Bless America.


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