There’s a viral story currently claiming that a jury in Los Angeles handed control of the hit show “The Conners” back to its original creator, Roseanne Barr.

Is it true? Did the jury find for Roseanne and hand her creative control? The answer is yes! That’s absolutely true.

Not only that, but Rosie has already served notice to the show’s lead lesbians, Laurie Metcalf and Sarah Gilbert,” that she’s returning the theme back to a conservative blue-collar theme. “DSan can stay, and so can Becky, but those two have to go.”

“Roseanne wants to give it a go and see just how much she can piss off the liberal audience,” according to the show’s new director, Scott Baio, “she honestly doesn’t care if it never gets renewed after the contracted season.”

Roseanne also won a $208 million cash award from ABC. The Jury found they “stole the show from Roseanne” and that she deserved to be compensated for her losses.

So, this works out really well for Roseanne, Scott Baio, and everyone who likes to punish liberals, whether it’s true or not, as long as it makes them feel better. In the end, isn’t that really what matters, patriots? God Bless America.



  1. ramona nichols andrus

    I watched [The Conners] one time and was not impressed. Without Rosanne, it’s just not the same.

  2. Jeanne Cunningham

    I really hope this is true and that she gets rid of all of them for what they did. I watched part of the first episode and walked away for good. They ruined it right at the very first 10 minutes. Go Roseanne take them down.

    • dora a yon

      I really hope this is true. She did not deserve to be removed from the show. so, u go Roseanne. Take them down.

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